Tuesday, January 10, 2006

See ya

Hottie Aussie singer Sia performed an in-store at Amoeba Records tonight to promote her new cd "Colour the Small One". I've been a fan of hers since hearing her with Zero 7 and decided to pedal over and check out the free show.

Man I'm glad I got my tickets to this show early. Sold out, suckers!

Passing by Capitol Records on the way to the show

Thanks Amoeba!

Sia is much more bubbly and funny in person than her music lets on. The bluesy, throaty singing is 180 degrees from her on stage persona. She sang a couple of Zero 7 tracks including "Distractions" as well as her new single "Breathe Me". The single is available on her new CD as well as the Six Feet Under soundtrack.

I finished off the night with a little Thai food on The Blvd. and then a pedal stroke or two on home.