Friday, February 24, 2006

Red, Gold, Amber.

Last night I found myself pedaling towards the Red Line subway to head downtown, where I would change trains to the Gold Line and maneuver towards Pasadena. Waiting for me there would be some friends and over 50 beers on tap at Lucky Baldwins Pub in Old Town. The Belgian Beer Fest is in town and they have the largest selection of Belgian beers on tap IN THE WORLD.

Connecting the two train stations took me by a few cool L.A. sites, like the Frank Gehry desinged Disney Hall in downtown L.A.

Then I crashed Opera night at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, where 2 weeks ago I saw "Madama Butterfly". Whoever chose to use a minimalist, "theater of the bizarre" approach to a classic opera failed miserably. It was painful to sit through. I was hoping that these people weren't going to have to sit through that. Luckily, M.B. had moved on.

Next stop: the magnificent Union Station (opened in 1939), where I came across a large film production for an upcoming Nancy Drew movie. The gentleman in the lower left of the photo was a little cranky that I took a picture, but with me being on a public sidewalk there wasn't much he could do :)

Inside of Union Station, looking towards the filming.

I finally arrived at my destination and was welcomed with a nice, fresh pint of Leffe Brown. A bustling bar in progress -

A sample of just some of the beer available during the 'Fest

After being properly fed with pub grub and introduced to new Belgian beer, it's time to pack up, retrace my tracks and find my way back home (photo by Black Bart).

cheers mate!