Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Learn how to ride, hippie...

On Saturday night I joined in on one of the Midnight Ridazz rides, a monthly, loosely led group ride around L.A. that starts late and ends early in the AM.

Long story short, we hit a very steep section of downhill coming off of the Universal Studios theme park. There are stop signs and an intersection with a signal at the bottom. I've hit 48mph before on this downhill, passing cars on the way down, knuckles: white.

So bad idea to route 100+ riders down this hill late at night. Some drunk, some on brakeless fixies, some newbies not used to steep hills. As I'm approaching the stop sign and slowing my beach cruiser via coaster brake, another rider flies by my left side out of control, clips my bars and SPLAT - down I go in the street. He keeps going. Another rider passes and offers me "Way to go dude". Nice. Another fixie rider loses control next to me and bails in to the median at speed, slamming his torso into a palm tree trunk with a thud. I thought he was dead. Other riders were screaming "MOVE!" in terror because they couldn't control their bikes. I got up, got back on the bike and rode to the regroup spot across the street, then on home to pour peroxide on my leg. I'll be off the bike for a few more days. Thanks bro.