Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Trains and Secret Machines

Last night The Secret Machines played a FREE gig downtown L.A. at the Union Station train station. The catch was that it was free only if you showed up via public transportation; bus, subway, etc. and had the ticket to prove it. Leave the car in the driveway and get your ass to the train. The trusty Trek and I headed south to the Redline subway for our ticket to ride.

$1.25 gets you transit and a concert!

The wind from the train got my prop goin'

Arriving at the historic Union Station amid the bustle of people trying to get somewhere.....

Inside the venue I ran into friends Albert of Brave Soldier and Mountain Bike Hall of Famer Steve Bohemke, both there for the show as well.

The turnout was surprisingly large, considering that asking Angelenos to go anywhere without their beloved car is like asking them to show up naked. (not that there's anything wrong with that....) I haven't seen the Secret Machines before and didn't really know their music aside from a track or two. Brothers Brandon and Ben Curtis along with drummer Josh Garza make up the band. The stage was set In the Round style, in the middle of a large room inside Union Station. The lights went down and Josh began pounding on the drums, hardly taking a break for the entire set. I was hooked from the first song. Ben's effects-heavy guitar and Brandon's singing and keyboards made amazing music. Thank god I had earplugs as I was about arms-length from Josh and his drums, leaning on the stage. The show was pretty low lit for the majority of the night which made photography difficult but I got a few to share.

my vantage point:

Josh crashes.

Ben on guitar & vocals

They ended with First Wave Intact, a pounding 9 minute jam that I was tapping my foot to long after the show ended. I would love to see them again live, and highly recommend seeing them if they stop by your town. Thanks to local staion Indie 103.1 FM for putting on such a cool show with a unique twist.

Back home for now~