Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Singlespeed Worlds '08. Napa, CA

I went to Singlespeed Worlds and all I got was this DNF bottle opener and one unused burrito coupon.

Wannabe racers without confirmed entry had a foot-race to determine who would get in. Here's me anaerobic @ DFL. Ultimately we all got in.

My motto: "If you can't race, throw a gnarly powerslide as a diversion."

Feet of Failure

Winners Carl Decker and Rachel Lloyd went straight to the tattoo artist for their trophy. Their permanent trophy (chest & butt, respectively). See ya in Durango '09!

2 photos courtesy Icon O'classt


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riderx said...

Good meeting you in Napa Hollywood. If you are ever in MD drop a line and I'll show you the local goods.